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Summit Count Midwifery is Park City’s premier Patient-Centered Care private practice using the most forward-thinking and progressive public health promoting measures to assist with nutrition and non-pharmaceutical interventions, including homeopathic treatments. Also serving Heber, Midway, Evanston and Rock Springs.

This is your pregnancy.  Your baby and your choices are at the center of the decisions you and your midwife will make together.  Feeling safe and sure about your options is one of the most important things during your prenatal care and birth experience.  Cultural competency is a core value of our patient-centered model.

Certified Professional Midwives

for Expecting Mothers

Midwifery is comprehensive care. Most people think of a midwife only for pregnancy and out-of-hospital birth, or homebirth.


Women and families might not be aware that we can support:
  • Families who choose to birth at home or in a hospital In-home prenatal and postpartum care, regardless of birth place
  • Ultrasound imaging
  • Homebirth (mobile birth center)
  • Freestanding Birthcenter birth
  • Gynecological exams, STD/STI testing, and birth control
  • Challenges of Preconception (before you are pregnant, or when you are trying to conceive)
  • Lactation education and support for all stages of Chestfeeding
  • Assistance with family making decisions
  • Twins and Breech pregnancies.
  • Teen pregnancy
  • LGBTQ+ families, Lesbian parents, transgender dads, IUI, IVC, IVF pregnancies
  • Vegetarian and Vegan pregnancies
  • Nutrition and nutritional supplements, including IV therapies
  • Bloodwork done in the privacy and comfort of your own home
  • Homeopathy for hormone issues and co-care with endocrinology specialists
  • Holistic health and disease prevention and management for you and your baby
  • Extensive network of medical and wellness providers, as needed

When you’re with us

You’re Family

A Certified Professional Midwife is

There for you throughout the childbearing years.

 We take the time to get to know you more on a personal level than you would get within a typical hospital setting. We will take the time to learn your personal preferences as well as be there for you emotionally and socially. Our Park City, Utah midwifery will take time to understand your culture and values as well.






In Utah and Wyoming

While midwives specialize in taking care of pregnant women they also do these other things.  A Certified Professional Midwife has specialized training in this area of expertise. They go to a specialized school that offers an accredited midwifery program.  

While they offer amazing assistance during childbirth and pregnancy.  They are also capable of offering a wide range of medical services and can even be your primary care.  The basic common ailments that you would see a caring physician for, you can continue to see your midwife for.  This allows them to continue care with your new baby as well as you.  Making them a part of your family.  They listen to women and have studied women for a better understanding of what is best for them. 

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